Utilimaster has partnered with Geotab, the leader in Telematics to
offer a comprehensive telematics program.


Utilizing Geotab’s simple plug-and-play device, Utilimaster can help your fleet determine appropriate data points, interpret the data and provide on-demand online reports built to:

  • Optimize route design / GPS
  • Improve driver safety
  • Generate vehicle engine diagnostic reports
  • Determine maintenance scheduling
  • Monitor fuel useage
  • Reduce idle time
  • Monitor key safety performance factors, such as
  • Speeding, harsh braking and seatbelt usage 

Utilimaster’s experience with telematics has been proven to improve small and large fleets’ bottom line and total cost of operations.



Existing walk-in vans and truck bodies

Passenger cars and trucks

Hybrid & electric vehicles

Compressed natural gas-powered vehicles

Propane-powered vehicles

Heavy commercial vehicles

Buses and coaches