After the fleet analysis is complete, the completed project plan will include the size, sequence, cycle-time, activity, and a production schedule. Our technicians work strictly to the project plan so your fleet operations are not disrupted. Below is our four-step Project Management Guide that guarantees a seamless transition into your fleet:


Fleet Solutions - Circle1  SCHEDULE
The implementation schedule defines where your vehicles are and when the solution is installed, so there is no disruption to your schedule.
  Fleet Solutions - Circle2  IMPLEMENT
Factory Trained installation technicians are dispatched to your location(s) to implement the solution.
  Fleet Solutions - Circle3  TEST
For quality control, we test to make sure each solution is installed and working properly by going through our completion checklist.
  Fleet Solutions - Circle4  TRAIN
We train your management and support staff on the solution, how it works, and how it will improve your driver's daily routine.