Utilimaster provides a free fleet analysis to better understand how your fleet and drivers operate on a day-to-day basis.  The Utilimaster Sales Engineer first looks at your operational process for a clear understanding of your business objectives. Next, we request a ride-along to observe your complete duty cycle and personnel. While on the road, our Sales Engineer analyzes key areas of your processes including:

  • Process of loading and unloading 
  • Driver safety 
  • Vehicle operation process 
  • Improve fuel economy 

Once the ride-along is complete, the
Utilimaster Sales Engineer will work with our MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL, AND DESIGN ENGINEERS
to customize a fleet solution that will improve the performance of your trucks with the efficiency


and safety of your drivers. Our recommendation will include the cost of implementing the solution and the cost savings you can expect once it's in place. Best of all, when we roll out your fleet solutions, they are executed ONSITE, so there is NO DOWN TIME for your fleet.