Step One: Business Case

Utilimaster is with you from start to finish. Our Account Managers serve as subject matter experts and will assist you in developing your Alternative Fuels business case. The scope will cover capital needs - infrastructure, service & maintenance, and of course vehicle modifications or specifications. This includes making sure that the needs of your business are met and what improvements, (both sustainability and economic) you can expect with our solutions. This will help you obtain the funding and approval you need to move forward.

 Getting Started: Alt Fuels Step 1 

Step Two: The Alternative Fuel Solution For You

Depending on your overall goal, our team will work with you to choose the best solution for your business. Whether it is CNG, LPG, electric or another system type, Utilimaster helps you select the alternative fuel option that best supports the needs of your business and delivers the best business case possible.

  Getting Started: Alt Fuels Step 2 

Step Three: Project Management

Your Utilimaster Account Manager will serve as your Project Manager. There are different sources of funding to off-set the (Federal, State and others) and we know where to find the best. Our teams can also identify and help manage any facilty modifications, including fueling sources/locations. No problem! From getting approval for the project until you take delivery of the vehicle, we are your solutions expert.

  Getting Started: Alt Fuels Step 3 

Step Four: Technical Training and Support

Once you’ve taken delivery of your vehicles, Utilimaster provides remote or on-site training and support for your staff. We go the extra mile to make sure your people understand your new Alternative Fuel systems, vehicle operation, service and maintenance. We can explain it all and be there to bring new employees quickly up-to-speed.

  Getting Started: Alt Fuels Step 4

Step Five: PR & Media Support

There are many benefits to a green fleet and Alternative Fuel. Demonstrating your company’s commitment to sustainability and illustrating that is something we will assist you with. We can help you write the press releases and provide other communications support so that you can clearly communicate what makes your new fleet so special and why it is a big step forward for your business.

  Getting Started: Alt Fuels Step 5

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