Keyless Entry

Client Challenge  

The customer required its drivers to carry key rings containing their vehicle keys. Through research, they found that handling of the keys was eating up valuable seconds. Once a driver stops, he or she had to take the keys out of the ignition, and then turn around and use them to unlock the bulkhead door to get to the packages.


Our Solution 

Case Study - Keyless EntryUtilimaster’ engineers aided the company by executing its keyless entry system. Drivers wear a digital-remote fob on their belts and are able to turn the engine off with the push of a button, which also unlocks the bulkhead door at the same time.


Utilimaster designed, developed and tested a keyless entry system to meet all of the needs of the customer. The system provided keyless engine start/stop and keyless unlock of the bulkhead and rear doors. Furthermore, the system provided increased security and productivity while reducing repetitive injuries. Utilimaster was tasked with manufacturing and assembling 70,000 keyless kits to up fit the entire fleet of package delivery walk-in vans.


Originally a five-year plan, Utilimaster condensed the proposal down to two. The system benefited in Utilimaster’s productivity which resulted in an expedited program rollout.  Utilimaster also ensured there would be no vehicles taken out of service by working during the company’s down time.


Additionally, Utilimaster developed and produced an installation video to train the company’s mechanics in the field.


The results of the process netted the company seeing its drivers save 1.75 seconds per stop, or 6.5 minutes per driver per day, further reducing motion and fatigue. These time savings resulted in the company saving $70 million a year by installing the keyless system.