Telematics System

Client Challenge 

The customer wanted to reduce vehicle idle time and obtain regular vehicle maintenance data. Additionally, the customer wished to track speeding tendencies of its drivers as well as optimize their routes.

Our Solution 

Case Study - TelematicsUtilimaster did an initial study of the customer’s drivers by tracking several data points as determined upon together. The initial findings unveiled tendencies with the drivers as well as their delivery habits and other dynamics. After reviewing the data with our customer, Utilimaster worked to identify four improvement opportunities.


By working jointly with our customer, Utilimaster developed a telematics data retrieval system. The process includes the installation of a vehicle tracking device to record the desired telematics data. Several of the key findings include high idling of vehicles, speeding among the drivers as well a needed for route optimization. The program also enabled engine diagnostics to be performed to generate an automated daily report for vehicle maintenance.


As a result of the findings, Utilimaster, in conjunction with the customer, noticed vehicles were left idling for extended periods of times, including overnight. Together, idling time was reduced by 50% in the first five months of the program. Another discovery from the initial study was the fact drivers felt the need to exceed speed limits to meet deadlines. The customer began to encourage its drivers to reduce their speeds. To assist in this process, the customer worked with Utilimaster to optimize the routes. Each route had its pick-up and drop-off schedule optimized, furthering its commitment to on-time deliveries.


An added benefit of the initial telematics study was the ability for the customer’s maintenance crew to improve its upkeep of the fleet. Each vehicle generated an automated daily report which provided technicians with engine codes and diagnoses. This resulted in significant improvement in the preventative maintenance of each vehicle.