Safeload System

A major linen company approached Utilimaster and requested assistance with an important safety initiative - reducing driver injuries. These injuries account for a large percentage of back and knee injuries and erode company profits at this company and others.


Client Challenge 

Utilimaster buttonThe customer sought to develop an in-vehicle material management system which reduced bending and lifting injuries. In addition, the company wanted to increase productivity and reduce uniform replacement costs.


Our Solution 

Case Study - SafeloadUtilimaster, utilizing existing uniform delivery walk-in vans, engineered and designed an innovative laundry management system to address all system requirements.


Engineers developed an extending arm and laundry bag hanger which is designed to telescope out the back of the vehicle. The bag was then sorted into process bins which were already a part of the company’s plant work flow. The system allowed for soiled garments to be segregated to avoid cross contamination of the uniforms.


The Safeload system is an engineering improvement that radically changes the way our clients’ sales reps handle soiled uniforms. Previously, sales reps stored soiled garments picked up at customer sites in piles at the rear of the service vehicles. Throughout the day the piles would grow in size, resulting in unsafe working conditions.


Safeload completely eliminates these hazards. Soiled goods are stored in heavy-duty cloth bags hung from rails inside the vehicle. When the sales reps bring soiled garments back to the truck, they  sort them by color and type into different bags. The system allows sale reps to maintain a clear and free aisle for safely walking inside our service vehicles, and eliminates the need to sort soiled products at the end of the day.


The revolutionary design of the Safeload system results in a much safer work environment. The partnership between Utilimaster and the linen company resulted in the Safeload system being ordered on every new truck ordered.