Three Points of Contact

A major linen company approached Utilimaster and requested assistance with an important safety initiative - reducing driver injuries. These injuries account for a large percentage of back and knee injuries and erode company profits at this company and others.


Client Challenge 

The customer looked to reduce employee downtime due to work-related injuries, so it contacted Utilimaster to identify a way to improve safety for drivers entering and exiting the vehicle.


Our Solution 

Case Study - Three Points of ContactUtilimaster engineers entered the field and completed a series of ride-a-longs with the company’s drivers where they had the ability to understand driver/vehicle duty-cycles, delivery schemes and other dynamics. After receiving driver feedback during the ride-a-longs, the Utilimaster engineers identified several safety improvement opportunities. By working closely with our customer, Utilimaster designed a Three Points of Contact Safety system. This system includes the installation of ergonomically designed, strategically located hand rails combined with driver safety training. The Three Points of Contact system requires the driver to have three body contact points (two feet and hand rail). This effective system reduces slips and knee injuries while entering and exiting the truck.


Utilimaster and our customer tested and validated the Three Points of Contact system and confirmed that it would reduce injuries and provide a positive Return on Investment.  The customer installed the Three Points of Contact system on over 5,000 trucks. Utilimaster assisted with the installation of the Three Points of Contact system where requested. Utilimaster provided factory trained employees to complete installations during weekends and evenings. This after-hours installation enabled the customer’s fleet to continue its normal delivery schedule. It also allowed the customer’s field technicians to focus on preventative maintenance and avoid falling behind on critical vehicle repairs.


By partnering with our customers, Utilimaster designed and engineered a new safety solution, collaborated with the customer to develop and execute an implementation plan – resulting in a complete solution and installation that exceeded the customers’ expectations. Results: The Three Points of Contact system has reduced driver injuries, provided a positive Return on Investment and improved driver morale. The Three Points of Contact system has been implemented throughout the fleet. The solution will be installed as original equipment on all new truck orders.